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Our Research and Development

Learn more about our current and past R&D projects.

Why outsource your technology Research & Development to S.H.R.E.D?

The answer is simple... We love research and development and working with new technologies! Technology R&D is our specialty and our passion. We range from building new technology to investigating other uses of existing technology.

With over a decade of experience with every facet of technology and with a network of scientific advisers to tap for any type of project, we are able to find your answers quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to turn your vision into functional prototype in very little time. We can also help determine the feasibility of your concept before you commit capital.

What are we working on right now?

Currently, the S.H.R.E.D team is working on developing a low cost drone surveillance and sensing system.

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Look at what we have worked on before.

Scientific Data Report Delivery Aircraft Telemetry Data Data Mining Feasibility Visualization Projects